Curiosity & Heroin

The Facts

It’s said that curiosity killed the cat. But knowing the facts can eliminate that curiosity, and save lives. Almost all of those who use heroin started by misusing prescription pain medications, often led there by curiosity. Here are the facts:

80% of those admitted to treatment for heroin started with prescription pain medications

Heroin and prescription pain medications are derived from the same plant, the poppy.

These highly addictive drugs are in a class called opioids.

In the past several years, the purity of street heroin has drastically increased, allowing it to be snorted instead of having to be injected.

The purity of heroin is never known to consumers. It can be cut with more potent drugs or diluted. This uncertainty drastically increases the chances of an overdose.

Opioids are depressants. This means that heroin slows breathing and heart rate until both just stop.

In the past decade, thousands in St. Louis have died from opiate overdoses.

When you use heroin, you can lose everything, including your life.