Curiosity & Heroin

What to Look for

Too often friends and family members do not recognize the signs of an opiate addiction until it’s too late. The following check list is designed to let people know what to look out for so that interventions can occur as early as possible.

  • Rapid change in behavior
  • Rapid change in friends
  • Rapid change in hygiene or appearance
  • Empty pill capsules, one of the main ways heroin is distributed
  • Missing spoons, used to cook low grade heroin
  • Cut straws, used to snort heroin
  • Missing electronics or other valuables, often pawned to support an expensive opioid addiction

If you think a friend or family member may have a problem, get help! NCADA is the place to turn, and can be reached at 314-962-3456. You can also go to our Ask a Counselor page to submit a question and our staff will respond as soon as they are able.