Curiosity & Heroin

Take Action

Dispose promptly of your unused prescription drugs, especially if children live in or visit your home. Each year, more teenagers die from drug overdoses than from automobile accidents or gun violence – and sadly, that number continues to grow.

If you suspect a loved one is at risk for an opioid overdose (through prescription painkillers or non-prescription substances like heroin), obtain a Narcan kit.  This nasal spray can revive someone who is experiencing an overdose and keep them alive until paramedics arrive. Be prepared: take the brief training on how to administer Narcan and know the signs of overdose.

Get the facts. Explore this website and NCADA’s main website to get information on the use and misuse of alcohol, drugs and tobacco.

Send your legislator an email or Tweet. Stay informed about pending legislation related to legal and illegal drugs, do your homework, and let your representatives at all levels of government know your stand.

Donate to NCADA. With your charitable gift, we can deliver our top-ranked prevention education and leadership training programs to K-12 students throughout our region… assess adolescents for substance-related problems and refer them to treatment… provide short-term counseling to at-risk youngsters… and give the public and decision-makers the facts they need to combat substance misuse.

Volunteer your time. NCADA has a variety of openings in our community events program – and consider signing up with other non-profit tutoring and mentoring agencies to directly support youngsters at risk.  You’ll be glad you did.

Wear a Curiosity+Heroin bracelet or Strike Down Heroin t-shirt to show your support and help raise awareness.

Join a coalition. Several coalitions are focused on addressing the heroin and opioid issues in our region. Reach out or attend a meeting to learn what is being done to address this epidemic in your community and how you can help.