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Curiosity & Heroin

What do I do if a friend or family member has a problem?

Don’t stay silent! Actively communicate your concerns and desires for them to get help, even if you feel certain they are going to reject your attempts to get them to address their problem. This addiction that can kill them at any given time. Overdoses happen when someone least expects it; staying silent is similar to standing by and watching someone drown without throwing them something to hold onto. Very often the process of recovery from addiction begins with a family member or concerned friend having the willingness to speak up and communicate their concerns.

Solutions to addictions usually come through the hard work of employing tough love. This can mean demonstrating a willingness to get between the individual and their addiction, or taking a stand on what it is the person needs to do to end their addiction and get well. This is much easier said than done, but there are millions of people in recovery today because someone close to them was willing to speak up and act.

If you think it might be helpful to speak to a counselor prior to sitting down and talking with someone you care about, then please call us at 314.962.3456 if you’re in the St. Louis area or click here if you’re outside of the St. Louis area. A short conversation with a counselor may help you feel more comfortable before you take this on.